Missing Gym? Eight Easy Ways To Continue Your Exercise Practice At Home

One can only stay fit if one visits gyms regularly, is a myth. This notion has been shattered after the pandemic locked us in our houses. Adapting to the new normal was challenging for all and especially for fitness enthusiasts. While some people do have mini-gyms at home which are equipped with high-end equipment, others improvised their workout routine on the basis of things readily available to them at their home.

Since staying at home is still recommended, we bring you a couple of exercises that you can practice at your home for a successful workout regime.

Wall sits – The wall sits does not need any special equipment, align by the wall and sit like a chair. Hold the posture for a minute and challenge yourself by increasing the time limit every day by a few seconds.

Stair run – If you are missing the treadmill to get the adrenalin rush, run up and down the stairs of you home, or apartment building. This will act as a cardio exercise.

Chair/Table dips – There is definitely a difference between gym benches and chairs at home, as the former are a bit more sturdy. But the chairs or the low tables would be able to sustain your body weight for some dip exercises.

Bicep curls by water bottles – Fitness freaks usually have dumbbells at home but just in case you don’t, water bottles will come to your rescue. Take a pair of bottle and fill it with water. Make sure that the bottles should weigh equal and you are good to go for some biceps and triceps curls.

Stretching – For stretching all you would need is a Yoga mat and there are a number of postures you can practice. However, you can use the balcony wall or railing to do some leg stretching. Place your foot on the wall or railing and there you can maintain balance or stretch your body.

Water bucket Deadlifts – Deadlifts is indeed not everybody’s cup of tea. But if you enjoying doing it, deadlifts can be done at home too. Surprised? All you have to do is replace the weights with a bucket of water. The process and posture would be the same. Fill the bucket with water according to your lifting capacity.

Push-ups with children – If you have kids around in your house, make them sit on your back and you can do push-ups. If you are able to handle the weight of your spouse, then of you go. Balance the person on your back and perform the push-ups.

Squats at home – You can do squats at home but if you want to take it a step further, hold a weighing object in your hand – it could be a pot, backpack, or any other thing.

You can also carry out a series of cardio exercises that don’t require any equipment at all. Back crunches, side twists, spider planks, hip rotation, side plank, upward crushes, spider kick, and etc are some of the exercises you can carry out at home.

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